Fitting Floating Shelves …

The concealed bolts supplied with your Floating Shelves can be fitted to any stone, brick or block wall and any partition wall where the studwork can be located. When fixing to a partition wall, solid studwork must be found to ensure that you are fixing to a solid structure and not just plasterboard.


I am happy, upon request, to drill the bolt holes to specific measurements should you require this for partition walls …

Fitting Instructions …

Step 1.) Choose the position of your shelf and, using a spirit level, mark a level line onto the wall.

Step 2.) Hold your shelf with the pre-drilled holes against your level line and make a mark against the centre of each hole.

Step 3.) Drill into the wall where you have made your marks to fit the wall plugs supplied with your bolts and then fully insert the plugs into these holes.

Step 4.) Using a spanner or grips, screw the bolts into the wall plugs but leave a couple of turns short of fully tightened.

display 005

Step 5.) Slide your shelf onto the protruding bolts leaving just enough space to adjust the bolts to the correct level.

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Step 6.) Check your level and make the last few turns of the bolts to ensure your shelf is level and will not slide off the bolts. Push your shelf all the way to the wall – a rubber mallet  or hammer may be required to knock your shelf firmly into place.

display 003  display 004

IF USING A HAMMER, ensure there is a cushion, scrap wood or similar between the hammer face and your shelf to avoid any damage.

If you need any further advice on fitting your shelves please

contact me here